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At Asha Hospital – Rehab and Drug De-Addiction Centre, we promote individuals by nurturing them in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. We provide empathic support to our clients for changing their perception of problems and motivating them to hunt for various alternate solutions. Our team of professionals strongly believes that – No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start now and make a brand new end.
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ASHA launches KOPBHAWAN for Happiness Modern India is epitaph of nuclear and broken family with distressed relationships. Aggression is evident in every family and hardly any member understands the reasons behind it. As in the old times when there was Kopbhawan concept; the same is badly needed again. In today’s family, aggression persists for long time and there is less of financial dependency because the family members are earning and mostly independent.

ASHA understands this concern and in our Workshop held today – 29 th Jan, 2020 Dr. Prashant Shukla (Psychiatrist) said that understanding the problems of aggression is a must for every family. We hardly find Joint Families and grave Gurus who used to calm aggressive persons and relieve them of their tensions, comments Chitra Srivastava (Psychologist). We live in haphazard emotions because of fast track lifestyles changing now and then, and this brings series of emotional outbursts often hurting the relational build up of family; says Hirendar Singh (Psychiatric Social Worker). A new era is beginning and Kopbhawan concept is badly needed so that the problems are dealt comprehensively of every distressed family member, and ASHA has thus launched Kopbhawan room in its premises, visions Dr SP SHUKLA , President, ASHA . Distressed families may contact our 24×7 Helpline No. 7080570077

Moreover, ASHA Mental Home has psychiatric and addict inmates who cannot control their aggression. Kopbhawan is a room within the campus where any troubled patient goes and stays. This would at once raise an alarm and the staff would provide them with special counselling sessions if there problem is genuine. If the problem is not genuine then it would be staff responsibility to make the patient aware and realise his mistakes. This concept is new-fold and is in right direction to ease such aggressive peoples.


Meet Our Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

dr prashant shukla

Dr. Prashant Shukla

Dr. Prashant graduated in medicine (M.B.B.S.) from the G.S.V.M Kanpur, India U.P., INDIA. He then obtained his 3 year residency training in Psychiatry from the Institute of Mental Health & Hospital, Agra, India. It is oldest and one of the largest institutes in north india. He also worked as an observer in department of neurology in Chandigarh PGI looking after refectory neurological cases like seizures, strokes and headache. Dr. Prashant worked in one of the countries esteemed institutes NIMHANS banglore in department of child psychiatry looking after childhood behavioral problems like hyperactivity, impulsivity, social aloofness, impaired verbal and non verbal communication and playing with pear group, markedly restricted activities and interests.

He had the fortune of also working in Department of deaddiction in NIMHANS treating people who had taken to alcohol, ganjha (cannabis) or smack on a regular basis. He endowed the abilities of giving medicines but expressing empathy while rolling with resistance in such chronically ill patients. Later on he also worked in KGMC in Department of Geriatric mental Health looking after old and fragile patients and helping them to coup with their deteriorating memory and health.

Presently Dr Prashant Shukla is heading department of psychiatry in Foord Hospital And Mayo hospital in Gomti nagar, Lucknow. He has a clinic in Maha nagar lucknow where he attends to patients during evening times.

dr s p shukla

Dr. S. P. Shukla

As director of Asha hospital he holds immense experience of nearly 45 years in medical field. He has done his MBBS from GSVM Kanpur way back in 1975. He comes from the classical era of medicine when more emphasis was given to classical symptoms and immaculate history rather than the present era of investigative diagnosis. Having practiced medicine for such a long time, he takes no time in diagnosis, and is available with a quick and practical solution of the patient’s problem. His patients are always very happy with his empathic approach which is considered very important for patients suffering from psychiatric illness.

He is also responsible for all emergency medical services and treatment of all other medical conditions of the patients. Problems pertaining to liver and other vital organs are common to drug abuse patients, which are taken care by Dr. S. P. Shukla. His expert advice and only desired medication to patients having such problems, not only helps the patients for a speeded recovery but also develops confidence in patients that they are in safe hands. Although he specializes in general medicine, he has special interest in field of mental illness and drug abuse. His attitude towards patients suffering from various addictions like alcohol, opioids or nicotine is non-judgmental and provides them with unconditional support. He believes that addiction is a chronic illness like diabetes or hypertension and so relapse is a rule rather than exception. Whenever a patient relapses he offers his unconditional support and never judges there intentions. He says proper medication along with motivational enhancement therapies work wonders for patients who have been to rehabilitation centers or de-addiction centers even for several times before. So whenever he comes across any such patient of addiction who has relapsed into drugs, his approach is not of anger or frustration but of motivating patients and their families to continue the fight against drugs. He also teaches the family of these addicts to support them in their fight with drugs, to have a non-confrontational approach with patients.

Irrespective of his empathetic behavior towards his patients, he is very strict and enforces strict instructions to patients for maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness for them-selves as well as their surroundings. Littering within the hospital premises is a strict NO from him. He has made strict rules which are imposed on patients for their daily routine, sports, exercises and recreation.

anjali srivastava

Anjali Srivastava

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Education:- M. Phil (Clinical Psychology), PG Diploma in Clinical Psychology, M.A. (Psychology)

Membership:- Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Indian Association of Clinical Psychology (IACP)

Anjali Srivastava is accomplished Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with an experience over 20 years. Licensed from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) as Clinical Psychologist, Anjali Srivastava is also trained Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist.

Anjali helps patients to evolve through self-reflection, self-exploration and self-awareness towards Psychological well-being. Her specialization includes working with adults, adolescents and children for issues related to clinical psychology, anxiety disorder, stress management, depression, grief counselling, relationship issues, marital counselling, adolescent well-being, mood disorder, personality issues, family counselling, etc. She is specialised in helping individual in building healthy life style habits, overcoming emotional or binge eating and building exercise and self care routine.

Anjali Srivastava actively uses mindfulness technique, relaxation procedure, hypnotherapy and meditation with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Emotional focus therapy, ACT, etc and believing in using an eclectic approach to psychotherapy and treatment of psychological issues.

The counselling session range from 45 min and this duration is referred as “therapeutic hour”. This length of time feels more contained as it encourages good use of time, helps the client process what they learn and allow them and the therapist to incorporate their findings in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.

# Anger Management
# Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment
# Marital Counselling
# De-addiction
# IQ Assessment
# Assessment related to Autism, ADHD
# Personality Assessment
# Behaviour and Thought Problems
# Anxiety Disorder treatment
# Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
# Grief Counselling
# Parenting issues and doubts
# Concentration problem
# Crisis Management
# Low Confidence
# Emotional Outburst
# Psycho Sexual problems
# Psycho Neurological problems

harendra pal singh

Harendra Pal Singh

Harendra is a hardworking, professionally trained, full time psychiatric social worker available within the hospital premises since 2019. Harendra has completed his Masters in Social Work from MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. He has gained his expertise in handling mentally challenged and mentally ill patients from Mental Hospital Bareilly, and at Jeevan Dhara Rehabilitation and Research Institute, Bareilly. Further, he has also achieved two years of working experience as a counselor in Child Line program in Bareilly under the Ministry of women and child development.

He is self-confident, has great leadership skills and is honestly committed towards his work. His key strengths are his counseling and communicating skills. He is very committed to his assigned responsibilities and shows no hindrance to any new task put forward. Being available at the hospital 24X7 he is always working, motivating the patients towards their physical and mental wellbeing. Apart from counseling, he himself participates in playing indoor as well as outdoor games with patients. This not only helps the patients to communicate better but also uplifts their spirit and forces them to think more about their health. He is passionate about physical and mental well-being of the indoor patients. He can also efficiently carry out EEG, Biofeed back for indoor and outdoor patients. He is also responsible for exposing indoor patients to outer world during their admission period to enhance their spirit, by taking them to gyms, or walk outside the hospital premises, or by assigning them smaller responsibilities. This helps in developing confidence in patients to face the outer world. His quick repo building ability makes him highly sought after persons in the hospital.

asha hospital guitarist

Suraj Singh

Achievements in Music

  • Sound knowledge of western music
  • Playing guitar from past 10+ years
  • Good at Keyboard and Flute
  • Good command over Drums and Percussions
  • Good command over leading recording softwares of industry (DAW)
  • Good practical knowledge about Vst and Vsti with Midi Controller

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