Asha Hospital – Rehab and Drug De Addiction Centre

Our doctors are on call 24/7. Same Day Appointments Available.

Asha Hospital – Rehab and Drug De Addiction Centre

At Asha Hospital – Rehab and Drug De-Addiction Centre, we promote individuals by nurturing them in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. We provide empathic support to our clients for changing their perception of problems and motivating them to hunt for various alternate solutions. Our team of professionals strongly believes that – No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start now and make a brand new end.

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Experienced Doctors

Our team of Doctors are highly qualified and have a lot of experience. The doctors have performed many surgeries and have treated many critical cases successfully.

Professional & Friendly Staff

The staff that we have in the hospital is really friendly and welcoming. Our patients are really comfortable and they are available to serve them whenever they will be in need.

On Call 24/7

Emergencies or problems do not inform you before coming! Just for this reason we have 24*7 call facility, you can call and get in touch with us at any point of time and we are ready to help you.

Same Day Appointments

No delayed appointments! No waiting in long queues or sitting on benches for hours. You call us before coming and we will let you know the slot and you will get the appointment on the same day mostly.

Walk-In's Accepted

You don’t have to worry even if you have not taken the prior appointment you will be allowed to wait and our team of doctors will definitely assist you.

No Extra Fees

We don’t charge any extra fees for anything; be it form filling or anything.

Having a mental disorder is not easy, and it’s even harder when people assume you can just “get over it”


A full range of facilities are very essential to provide better healthcare to patients.

Breaking All Myths Of Addiction

Addiction has permeated the human culture since civilization began, and probably long before that in hunter-gatherer societies.


Drug abuse, also called substance abuse or chemical abuse, is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive pattern of using a substance that leads to significant problems or distress.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common psychiatric disorder in children and one of the most common psychiatric disorders in adults, affecting between 5-10% of the general population.

Relaxation Techniques

Stress management programs commonly include relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques have also been studied to see whether they might be of value in managing various health problems.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) also referred to as talk therapy that helps you to manage your problems by changing the way of thinking and behaviour. The therapy is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Obsessions are recurrent and intrusive thought/image or an urge that provoke anxiety and are time consuming. They are mental events, which are recognized as irrational and are ego dystonic.

Behavior Modification

Behaviour modification techniques aim to manipulate the antecedents and consequences of behaviour so that the likelihood of appropriate behaviour is increased and inappropriate behaviour is decreased.

Signs That Indicate It’s Time To Seek Specialist Support

Sometimes the reasons to seek counselling aren’t as obvious as losing a loved one or witnessing a traumatic event. Sometimes, it’s a combination of our everyday experiences and circumstances that signal it’s time to talk to someone.

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“My brother diagnosed with OCD, depression and anxiety. We got excellent treatment from the Doctors and staff. I must say there having best indoor facilities like food and stay. Staff was also very cooperative and helpful. Thanks to Dr Prashant and his team for their services.”

Mr. A


“Dr. Prashant Shukla is the best doctor I came across in my life. He is having both professional as well as personal touch towards patients. Which helps a patient to cope up with their problems like anxiety, depression etc. This attitude accelerates the recovery period of a patient.”

Mr. B


“Getting a treatment from a genuine Doctor is really difficult and especially if some person is suffering from mental illness. But this hospital has an amazing team of Doctors. I will recommend to approach this hospital if a person is suffering from any psychological trauma or any severe mental illness.”
Mr. C


Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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Asha Neuropsychiatrist Clinic
Address-1: Gole Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226006

Asha hospital – Rehab and Drug De-Addiction Centre
Address-2: P/8; Tara ka Purwa; Tiwariganj, Chinhat, Lucknow Near Saraswati Dental College 226028

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06:00 P.M. to 09:00 P.M (Asha Neuropsychiatrist Clinic)

10:30 A.M. to 09:00 P.M (Asha hospital – Rehab and Drug De-Addiction Centre)